The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get a DMZ Skeleton Key

Ben Nyakaz

· 2 min read
how to get the skeleton key dmz

Getting your hands on a Skeleton Key in DMZ mode can be challenging if you don't know the right strategies. I’ll be showing you the fastest and least risky method to obtain this high-value loot.

The current best method is to head directly to Vondel as soon as you spawn in. You'll need to acquire three 3 Plate Carrier vests, 3 Self Revive kits, and a gold bar to trade at the buy station. Vondel has the easiest skeleton key barter in my opinion.

Make your way to the Aquarium as quickly as possible. Climb up the boxes and roof at this exact location to access the interiors without needing the Aquarium or Skeleton key. Clear out the loot boxes inside - you'll frequently find Plate Carriers and Self Revives. Sometimes you may also discover a gold bar. Grab all the cash you can as well.

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If you're missing any trade items, buy what you need at the nearby buy station. Self Revives can also be found attached to walls inside rooms. With the gold bar being the hardest item to find guaranteed, make use of keys if available. The Windmill Backpack key gives a 100% spawn gold bar in its bag. The Main Briefcase key also guarantees a gold bar. Otherwise, check supply drops as a backup.

Once you've acquired all trade items, immediately make your way to the buy station to swap them for a brand new Skeleton Key.

This route provides the best odds of success while minimizing risk. With a little luck on your side, you could have your key within 10-15 minutes of starting a new raid. This run can also be done solo. Use it to unlock new loot opportunities across the map.

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