How to Get the Damascus Dog Tag in DMZ (Warzone 2)

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Mastering the hostile open world of DMZ means achieving the prestigious Damascus Dog Tag, one of the mode's rarest collectables. In DMZ, four distinct dog tag rarities are tied to a player's exfil streak: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the highly coveted Damascus.

The Damascus Dog Tag signifies ultimate dominance, with only those maintaining exfil streaks over 10 having a chance to obtain it. This guide details the two proven methods for securing this elusive trophy item: maximizing exfill streaks through survival prowess or hunting down skilled opponents likely possessing higher tier tags.

From understanding dog tag values and what each rarity represents to the strategies, skills, and persistence required - we cover everything players need to know to showcase their mastery by earning the illustrious Damascus Dog Tag through lengthy survival escapes or intense PvP battles. Only the most skilled can claim ownership of DMZ's highest status symbol.

Method 1 - Achieve High Exfil Streaks

The longest but most consistent way to earn the Damascus Dog Tag involves achieving high exfil streaks in DMZ matches. Every 3 successful extractions without dying increases your streak level. Streaks topping 10 escape missions unlock the chance to discover the rare tag in a post-match reward crate.

Focus on survivability by scouting threats, picking engagements tactfully, and extracting promptly once contracts are complete. Prioritize medical supplies to sustain risky matches. Gear and skill matter most - favour smarts over bravery to slowly amass streaks. Patience and persistence are critical to the streak grind.


Method 2 - Hunt Players With Dog Tags

The swiftest path has players hunting skilled DMZ gamers likely to possess the elusive tag. Check recent player lists after matches for potential targets, but approach confrontations carefully. Surviving opponents then looting their dog tag introduces its ownership into your world

Success requires identifying opponents by their loadouts, playstyles or exfil routes. Use Recons, Spotters or intel to shadow targets stealthily before engaging at the optimal moment. Pray RNG awards your earned prize upon defeating challenging foes.

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Additional Uses For Dog Tags

Once unlocked, Damascus Dog Tags prove invaluable. They can be crafted at Workbenches into rare Skeleton Keys unlocking hidden loot stashes. Bartering tags at certain levels also reward powerful gear. Few can claim such a high-status collectable in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Dog Tag Rarities in DMZ

There are four distinct dog tag rarities tied to a player's exfil streak level in DMZ:

Bronze Dog Tag

Awarded at 0-1 exfil streak, bronze tags sell for $2,500 each. These serve as a player's starting currency but offer little prestige.

Silver Dog Tag

Reaching an exfil streak of 2 upgrades tags to silver, worth $5,000 at vendors. Represents early survival competence in Al Mazrah.

Gold Dog Tag

Tags turn gold at a 5 exfil streak, dramatically increasing resale value to $25,000. Few manage such extended escape patterns.

Damascus Dog Tag

The pinnacle tag is only achieved beyond a 10+ exfil streak. Damascus fetches an immense $50,000 upon defeat. Securing one proves true DMZ dominance.

Rarer tags signify mounting mastery over DMZ's dangers. Hunting adversaries flaunting Gold or Damascus presents lucrative opportunities. Meanwhile, steadily upgrading your own tags through exfils gradually accrues fortune. Dog tag rarity remains the ultimate DMZ progression flex.

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