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Ben Nyakaz

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Going it alone in the hostile world of DMZ mode is no easy feat. As a solo player dropping into DMZ, you'll face unprecedented threats from rival squads, roaming AI patrols, and the ever-present dangers of radiation. Your chances of survival seem slim against the odds stacked against you. However, it is possible to thrive as a lone wolf in the DMZ, it will just require careful strategy, meticulous planning, and tactical cunning.

Today I will provide the top tips, techniques, and approaches you need to maximize your lifespan when you infill solo into the DMZ wasteland. From equipment optimizations and upgrading priorities to contracting strategies, environmental awareness tactics, and smart engagement techniques, I'll cover everything a solo player needs to outwit opponents, survive where others perish, and extract valuable loot. Arm yourself with these survival secrets and you'll be the hunter, not the hunted, during your solo excursions in either Al Mazrah, Ashika or Vondel’s unforgiving combat zone.

Choose the Best Equipment and Field Upgrades

As a solo player in DMZ, selecting the right equipment loadout is crucial. Take a suppressed sniper rifle and AR combo for versatile ranged combat. A spotter scope allows safely surveying areas before engaging. Field upgrades like Recon Drone or Munitions Box give invaluable intel and resupply options. Ensure your gear amplifies your skills as a lone wolf.

Prioritise Looting for Survival Resources

The sparse environment demands efficient looting. Focus hospitals, medical tents, and high-tier areas for must-have items like self-revives, gas masks, and armour plates. If you spot an Active Combat Zone, you have to explore it as it provides a lot of loot crates. Supplement contracts with exploration to maximize survival resources before extractions. Quality over quantity - loaded bags mean nothing if you perish along the way.

Complete Easier Contracts When Solo

Playing with random squads introduces risk. Select simpler contracts like hostage rescues or loot retrievals where the objective is directly reachable. Harder multi-part missions invite trouble without communication. Solo players must play smart to their strengths - hit quick targets and exfil alive. Quality over glory keeps you in the game long-term.

Arm Yourself to the Teeth for any Fight

Bring a long and short-range suppressed weapon combo like an AR and sniper for versatile threats. Load specialized ammunition and fully deck your weapons for human and bot combat. Prioritise ammo capacity over damage - more ammo equals more survival in any scrape. Leave nothing to chance in DMZ's cutthroat world.

Plan Ahead and Know Your Surroundings

Use a spotter scope, Recon Drone to scout areas before interventions. Identify foes, loot spots, covers and escape routes in your AO. Stay outside high-traffic zones where possible. Engage selectively, enemy squads outweigh your solo prospects. Thorough planning keeps you alive where others perish from lack of intel.

Find head glitches, chokepoints and natural covers to break sightlines and control engagements. Camouflage helps you blend into the environment. Stay alert, one distraction spells death alone. Focus on contracts, not needless PvP. Ping foes discreetly for intel, not attention. Out-thinking opponents surmount their number advantage.

Remain Mobile and Use Third-Partying

Never hole up if hunted, a roaming target survives where a stationary one perishes. Keep moving between covers and vehicles, abusing sightlines and remaining one step ahead. Always have a car close by preferably an LTV or a JLTV. Third-party other fights discreetly, and those weakened present prime solo targets. Dance on the battlefield's edge, avoiding confrontations you can't win.

Take Advantage of Upgrades as They Appear

Medical, armour and weapon upgrades dramatically increase your solo potency. Snatch them up as contracts are fulfilled for exponentially growing power. Don't hoard bags, cash in before exfill for life-saving combat buffs. Upgrades earned where raw power attracts danger. Snowball incremental gains into a balanced killing machine.

Survival Demands Outsmarting Opponents

Whether engaging or declining combat, solo players must leverage intelligence over bravery. Play the edges, and think tactically over brazenly rushing objectives. Delay gratification, avoid unnecessary attention, respond selectively and escape imminent demise. Intelligence, cunning and vision keep you alive where valour perishes lacking backup. Outwit, don't outgun to win the day alone.

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