DMZ Vests - How to Unlock, Barter, and Find Them

Tomas Johnson

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DMZ Vests - How to Unlock, Barter, and Find Them

Vests are a crucial piece of gear in DMZ that provide powerful buffs and perks to enhance your chances of survival and success. But not all vests are created equal - some are much rarer and more difficult to obtain than others. I will break down all of the vests in DMZ, how to unlock their barter recipes, where to barter for them, which bosses drop them, and tips for acquiring these elite armours as efficiently as possible.

Med Vest

The Med Vest speeds up revive and self-revive animations by around 50%. This can be a lifesaver in DMZ where getting a teammate back up quickly is key.

Unlocking the Barter

Kill the Pyro boss.


Available on all maps with 3 bandages, 1 liquor, and 1 watch.

At Koshei Complex, trade 1 tattered lab notes and 2 delta boards.

Boss Drop

The Chemist boss always drops the Med Vest.

The Med Vest barter ingredients are easy to find making this an accessible vest option. Hunting the Chemist boss is a quick way to grab one as well.

Comms Vest

The Comms Vest highlights enemies within 100m and makes UAVs last longer with full team visibility. Strong situational awareness.

Unlocking the Barter

Kill the Wheels boss.


All maps - 1 encrypted hard drive, 2 batteries, 1 soothing hand cream.

At Building 21 - 4 encrypted hard drives, 2 batteries, 1 hand cream.

Boss Drop

The Bombmaker boss drops the Comms Vest.

With the challenging barter items, your best bet may be taking down the Bombmaker boss to get this excellent intel vest.

Tempered Vest

The Tempered Vest splits your armor into two larger chunks effectively giving you 50% more armor longevity.

Unlocking the Barter

Kill the Armored Commander boss.


Ashika Island and Building 21 - 1 classified document, 1 second set of documents, 2 documents. At Koshei Complex - 1 acidic acid.

Boss Drop

Killing the Pyro boss nets you the Tempered Vest.

With sparse barter locations, farming Pyro for tempered drops may be the most efficient route.

Stealth Vest

The stealth vest makes you invisible to all forms of radar and audio cues. Perfect for stealthy solo operators.

Unlocking the Barter

Kill the Sniper boss.


In Al Mazrah - 1 encrypted USB stick, 1 comic book, 1 game console.

At Koshei Complex - 1 chlorine, 1 server tape black.

Boss Drop

Vulcan boss at Building 21 drops the vest.

Sniper is a tough boss so braving the barters may be a better play unless you're up for the Vulcan fight.

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