Why is DMZ still in Beta? Everything you need to know

Ben Nyakaz

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Why is DMZ still in Beta? Everything you need to know

Ever since its launch in Call of Duty: Warzone, the new DMZ game mode has been labelled as a "beta". While it has received positive reviews from players and has proven to be quite polished, the question remains - why is DMZ still marked as a beta a year after release?

What Does "Beta" Mean?

When a game or game mode is in beta, it generally means the developers are still actively working on refinements and improvements based on player feedback. Being in beta implies the feature is not considered fully complete or finished. It acts as a disclaimer that things are subject to change as the developers iterate on the experience.

Approval Processes and Updates

Being in beta has something to do with their ability to push updates without going through some approval processes from Xbox and PlayStation. That's why a lot of games stay in beta for years. As DMZ is a live service mode integrated with Warzone 2, Infinity Ward likely wants maximum flexibility to roll out quick fixes and new content without the red tape of approvals. Staying in beta enables more nimble update cycles.

Transition to MW3

DMZ is set to transition to the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game launching on November 10, 2023. It's possible Infinity Ward wants to keep the “beta” label as the mode shifts to a new title and backend systems. Any issues that arise from the transition could be blamed on it still being a work in progress. The beta tag may provide leeway for the developers as they work to port DMZ over.

Room for Improvement

While the core DMZ experience is quite polished, there is certainly still room for improvement and new features. Objectives could be expanded upon, additional extraction points added, new factions/enemy types included, and the lore/story fleshed out more. Keeping it in beta may signal the developers intend to significantly evolve the game mode long-term with major system changes still planned.

Remaining in beta emphasizes DMZ is being developed iteratively based on community input. The designers are still experimenting with different ideas and mechanics. Problems and bugs are bound to come up as the world evolves. Keeping this feedback loop open is important for ensuring DMZ meets players' long-term vision.

Sustained Player Engagement

By maintaining the perception that DMZ is a work-in-progress, Infinity Ward can more easily justify delays or lack of certain features at any given time. It helps manage community expectations for continued support. This label may assist with player retention too - people will stick around eager to see how DMZ changes over time in beta.

Closing Thoughts

While DMZ proves to be quite a complete game experience already, the "beta" tag affords Infinity Ward important advantages around updates, transitions between titles, and sustained player engagement long-term. It signals the ambitious goal of continuously evolving the mode. Whether the beta label ever gets dropped remains uncertain, but one thing is clear - DMZ development is far from over.

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