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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 introduced a new open-world survival mode called DMZ. This expansive new mode drops players into a dangerous PvPvE environment packed with enemies, loot, and secrets to uncover. DMZ provides an entirely fresh experience unlike traditional Call of Duty multiplayer. Here is everything you need to know about DMZ's core features, mechanics, and gameplay.

The Basics of DMZ

DMZ takes place in five maps Al Mazrah, Vondel, Ashika Island, Building 21 and Koshei Complex. Up to three players are deployed into DMZ as a squad or you can deploy as a solo. The goal is to explore the open world, take on missions, fight AI enemies, collect loot, kill bosses and ultimately exfiltrate safely out of the Exclusion Zone with your haul.

Match dynamics are emergent thanks to the living open-world design. Enemy factions patrol and defend areas. World events like radiation alter the environment. Players have the freedom to choose their objectives, where to explore, and when to exfiltrate. The result is an unpredictable and tense PvPvE extraction shooter experience.

Inventory and Loadouts

Successfully extracting loot out of DMZ matches builds up your persistent inventory and stash. This inventory allows you to customise loadouts with better gear and weapons for future DMZ infiltration matches.

You begin with a small selection of contraband weapons only usable in DMZ. Extracting loot and completing missions earns new weapons, equipment, and valuables you keep permanently.

Your loadout can consist of a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, lethal and tactical equipment, and field upgrades. You can bring in personal custom loadouts and blueprints from multiplayer. However, these "insured" weapons have a cooldown if lost, slowing reuse.

Backpacks and Armor

Extracting backpacks and body armour out of DMZ adds more carrying capacity and protection for future matches. Larger backpacks allow for hauling more looted items out of a match. Heavier armour plates provide increased defense against enemy fire. You can equip different sized backpacks and armour pieces in your loadout.

The combination of loadouts, weapons, and gear offers an RPG-style progression system as you build up your preferred DMZ kits for survival and combat effectiveness.

Missions and Factions

Missions drive gameplay and progress in DMZ. Completing missions provides significant rewards like new weapons, XP boosts, cosmetics, and more.

DMZ has five factions, each with its own set of mission tiers to progress through: the Shadow Company, White Lotus, Black Mous, Phalanx and Crown. Missions involve objectives like eliminating HVTs, destroying antiair defenses, raiding strongholds, and securing vital intel.

Advancing mission tiers unlocks access to new areas of Al Mazrah and high-end loot. Missions encourage exploring the map and taking risks for major payouts.

Contracts and Activities

Besides faction missions, players can take on contracts found in the world. These present side objectives like rescuing hostages, securing weapon drops, and assassinating targets. Contracts provide fast cash payouts and XP to boost your progress.

World events also dynamically occur like contraband weapon drops on downed airplanes. Clearing these events earns loot and contraband weapons to use immediately or extract.

Players can choose to focus on missions, hunt for loot, take on contracts, engage in firefights, or anything in between. This freedom of choice makes each match feel fresh and reactive.

PvP and

Of course, the "PvP" element in this PvPvE mode comes from fighting against real human opponents. Solo players and squads actively battle for control of loot and territory. PvP firefights introduce high stakes and adrenaline to the DMZ experience.


Strongholds scattered around Al Mazrah, Vondel and Ashika Island, are valuable locations defended by AI but contain special loot. Fighting through the forces guarding a stronghold with your squad to get to the spoils inside is extremely rewarding.

Securing Keys and Intel

Lock keys and intel items can be found around all maps. Keys provide access to previously locked areas containing rare loot like killstreaks. Reading laptops and securing safes throughout the map becomes part of uncovering DMZ's secrets. Keys and intel provide exciting new goals to achieve each match.


To successfully extract from a DMZ match, players must reach one of several exfil zones marked on the Tac Map. Activating the helicopter exfil prompts a countdown where you must fend off enemy assaults to escape with your accumulated loot and contraband.

Rewards and Weapon Unlocks

Extracting loot builds up your overall inventory of weapons, gear, cosmetics, and valuables outside of matches. Valuables like gold bars, golden skulls and GPUs can be turned in for cash to accelerate insured weapon cooldowns and other unlocks.

When you extract a contraband gun, the base version of that weapon is unlocked for create-a-class in multiplayer and Warzone 2. DMZ provides a unique alternate progression system for accessing new guns.

What’s Ahead?

Further seasons will likely add new missions, areas to explore, enemies to take on and loot to extract. There is great potential for ongoing narrative threads and evolving endgame goals beyond initial launch content.

DMZ leverages Call of Duty's trademark gunplay and polish within an immersive, nonlinear open world setting to deliver a fresh take on multiplayer FPS action. Braving the dangers of Al Mazrah and overcoming other Operators to extract epic rewards provides endless hours of addictive PvPvE gameplay.

However, we will know more about the future of DMZ towards the launch Morden Warfare 3 Season 1, Whether will be getting new maps and new missions.

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