Exfil Faster in DMZ: Best Upgrade for Solos

Tomas Johnson

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Exfil Faster in DMZ: Best Upgrade for Solos

For solo players in DMZ, extracting quickly and safely is crucial to progressing and accumulating valuable loot. While staying alive and avoiding enemy encounters is paramount, there's a hidden upgrade that can significantly improve your exfiltration experience: Increase Exfil Chopper Speed.

This invaluable upgrade permanently reduces the time it takes for the exfil chopper to arrive after you call it in by 26 seconds. This translates to less time spent at the exfil site, making you less susceptible to ambushes and AI attacks.

Unlocking the Upgrade:

To unlock the Faster Exfil Chopper upgrade, you need to successfully exfiltrate on final exfill with $100,000 in cash in your possession 10 times. This can be achieved consistently on Ashika or Vondel maps due to the following reasons:

  • Relative Ease: Both Ashika and Vondel are generally less populated than Al Mazrah, making it easier to avoid unnecessary engagements and focus on your objective.
  • Cash Opportunities: Ashika and Vondel offer ample cash-generating opportunities through contracts, lootable items, and world events, making it easier to accumulate the required amount.


Here are some tips to maximize your efficiency while unlocking the Faster Exfil Chopper upgrade:

  • Pre-Load Cash: Before infiltrating, consider completing looting on other maps and exfiltrating with the maximum amount allowed. Then Infill with at least $70000 to $100000cash. This will give you a head start on Ashika or Vondel.
  • Focus on Stronghold: if you don't have enough cash prioritize strongholds especially in Vondel, not many people attack strongholds in Vondel.
  • Avoid Conflict: Don't engage in unnecessary fights with other operators or AI unless absolutely necessary. Conserve your resources and focus on reaching the Final Exfil location.
  • Tactical Movement: Utilize vehicles like cars and boats to travel across the map quickly and efficiently.
  • Control the Hunt Contracts: With that much money on you are certainly going to be picked up by a hunt contract. Pick up and cancel all available Hunt Contracts to prevent others from tracking you down.
  • Safe Haven: On Vondel, two excellent locations offer temporary refuge during exfil: the Castle and the secret underwater room containing the gold M13B.

Additional Tips:

Stealth is Key: Bring a Stealth Vest and Scuba Mask to blend in and evade detection.

Optic Choice: Consider equipping weapons with long-range optics and the Holotherm Scope for better visibility on Ashika and Vondel.

Hunt Counter: If you get hunted in Vondel, surviving the hunt will reward you with a free UAV, allowing you to locate and counterattack your pursuers.


The Increase Exfil Chopper Speed upgrade is a game-changer for solo players in DMZ. By following these strategies and utilizing the unique features of Ashika and Vondel, you can unlock this valuable upgrade and significantly improve your exfiltration experience, increasing your chances of success and maximising your loot gain.

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