DMZ Banks: Find All 6 Bank Locations in Al Mazrah

Ben Nyakaz

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dmz banks in al mazrah

Looting banks in DMZ has become one of the most lucrative activities. Banks in Al Mazrah are easy posts to get high-value loot such as gold bars and golden skulls.Mastering effective routes and tactics at each bank location will maximize your chances of survival and profit in DMZ mode’s open world. Here are the coordinates and details of all 6 bank locations across the map.

D7 - Sawah Village Bank

High-threat area with Tier 1-2 AI patrols. Inside the crypto building near Wrecked Ship Infill. Use caution venturing here early.

E6 - Sarif Bay Bank

Also a high threat, though less trafficked. Tier 1-3 AI and maybe the Juggernaut. Near the fuel station - watch for enemy players.

C6 - Said City Bank

Just after Said City Fuel Station. Medium threat from other Operators. Prioritize AI threats first.

G6 - Opposite Airport Bank

The easiest with only Tier 1 AI. Low traffic on the edges of Akdhah Village and the airport.

F3 - Al Mazrah City Bank

High rewards but high danger near campers. Avoid snipers' sightlines by hugging buildings between fires.

G3 - Outskirts Bank

Few threats besides the potential campers above. Remain stealthy near the city border.

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