What is an IFAK in DMZ and How to get one

Ben Nyakaz

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Surviving in the hostile open world of DMZ requires efficient use of all available gear and resources. One essential piece of medical equipment in high demand is the IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). Completing missions and progression often relies on extracting IFAKs.

What is an IFAK?

IFAKs are portable first aid kits that offer immediate self-treatment options on the battlefield. In real life, they are carried by soldiers to administer first response aid under fire. Each IFAK contains valuable medical supplies like bandages, disinfectants, and morphine.

Completing specific DMZ missions rewards IFAK extracts. Most importantly, extracting IFAKs is required to fulfil the "Health Conscious" Legion Faction challenge and also unlock the prestigious second weapon insurance slot for enhanced loadouts. IFAKs are also demanded for bartering and boosting progression.

Where to Find an IFAK in DMZ


Hospitals naturally constitute the highest quantity of IFAK spawns in DMZ. Medical supply crates, equipment lockers and doctor's bags lining hospital corridors and rooms routinely spawn IFAKs. Other consistent sources are medical vehicles like ambulances scattered around.

Some high-end loot zones like missile silos, weapon workshops and chemical plants contain rare IFAK spawns—underground bunker complexes (KOSHEI) too in a similar vein.

Prioritise hospitals and medical vehicles first to boost stockpiles. Factor IFAK looting into routes and missions for reliable resourcing. With guidance on where to search, players can optimally scavenge DMZ for the lifesaving first aid kits.

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