Top 8 DMZ Streamers/YouTubers to Watch in 2023

Ben Nyakaz

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Call of Duty's new DMZ mode has quickly become a hit amongst FPS fans since its launch in late 2022. This tense PvPvE extraction shooter offers a fresh take on the battle royale formula. Top streamers and YouTubers have been flocking to cover DMZ's exciting action. Here are 8 of the biggest DMZ content creators you should follow in 2023.


With over 926,000 YouTube subscribers, Westie is one of the foremost DMZ personalities. On his channel, you’ll find DMZ gameplay highlights, tips videos, and discussions about new content drops. Westie provides insightful commentary during matches, explaining key tactics and analyzing new mechanics. His enthusiastic hosting keeps DMZ gameplay entertaining to watch. You’ll also find videos covering Warzone, Battlefield, and other FPS titles.


Known for his top-tier sniping skills, Stodeh has built a loyal 630,000-subscriber fanbase on YouTube. He frequently uploads DMZ highlights showing off impressive long-range kills. With his background as a competitive Battlefield player, Stodeh excels at positioning and precision shooting in DMZ's large maps. Besides YouTube, Stodeh also livestreams DMZ matches on Twitch where fans can engage with him directly.


The "exceptional dad gamer" StoneMountain64 is beloved by over 2.33 million YouTube subscribers for his humorous videos. He commentates over DMZ matches with plenty of jokes and self-deprecating humour when things go wrong. StoneMountain64 uploads daily at 9 a.m. PT, providing a regular dose of entertaining DMZ content. He also livestreams on Facebook, bringing his signature style to fans in real-time.


Focusing on helping viewers improve at DMZ and similar titles, Phixate offers thoughtful tips videos along with PvP highlights. He analyses tactics for effectively extracting loot against human opponents. With 94,000 YouTube subscribers, Phixate has built a dedicated community with his friendly approach. He also livestreams DMZ matches on Twitch, interacting with fans in chat.


"We might not be the best at the game but we are the best at having fun" is the motto on Geekseh's channel. With 124,000 YouTube subscribers, Geekseh uploads DMZ highlights focused on humorous and epic moments rather than professional play. He and his squad bring plenty of laughs even when things go wrong. You can also catch Geekseh's livestreams on Twitch to join the fun.


Known for his high-energy reactions, Zachdubs yells his way through DMZ matches on his YouTube channel. As a content creator from Toronto Ultra, he focuses on action-packed gameplay. Zachdubs plays aggressively in DMZ, pushing the pace rather than playing tactically. His 87,000-subscriber fanbase enjoys the non-stop excitement. He streams DMZ on Kick at varying times.


A self-described "gaming storyteller," Loochy provides narrated DMZ matches punctuated by entertaining commentary. He opts for stealthy, tactical play, explaining his strategy along the way. Loochy has built his 212,000-subscriber YouTube following by highlighting the most dramatic and cinematic DMZ moments. He streams regularly on Kick in the mornings.


Rounding out our list with 127,000 YouTube subscribers, ON1C uploads DMZ highlights reels filled with intense firefights and narrow escapes. He has a knack for getting into precarious situations and then skillfully fighting his way out. ON1C streams on both Twitch and Kick, providing fans with several outlets to catch his adrenaline-pumping DMZ action.

DMZ offers streamers endless emergent gameplay stories to share. These top creators provide a mix of skilful play, strategic insights, funny commentary, and non-stop excitement from Activision's hit new extraction shooter. Subscribing to a few of these channels is the perfect way to stay up to date on the latest DMZ meta and enjoy entertaining PvPvE matches.

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