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Ben Nyakaz

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With DMZ becoming one of the most popular modes in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, many players are interested in investing in bundles to enhance their experience. However, with a wide variety of bundles available, it can be difficult to determine which one truly provides the best value.

After reviewing community feedback and bundle perks, one bundle stands out as the clear winner - Dark Rituals.

This article will analyze the Dark Rituals bundle and how its weapons, rewards, and cosmetics make it the top choice for players looking to get meaningful benefits without breaking the bank. We'll also consider other popular options and the pros and cons of each. By the end, you'll understand which DMZ bundle optimization is the smartest investment of your CoD Points.

Dark Rituals Bundle Shines Bright


The Dark Rituals bundle comes packed with powerful weapons that are essential for surviving intense encounters in DMZ. Its headline features include:

  • FR AVANCER assault rifle with a reduced 15-minute cooldown
  • CRONEN SQUALL battle rifle also with 15-minute cooldown
  • FJX IMPERIUM sniper rifle also with 15-minute cooldown
  • Free UAV item to detect enemies

Having these potent weapons readily available with such a short wait time provides a serious advantage. Both the FR AVANCER and CRONEN SQUALL are top tier choices, so cutting the typical hours-long cooldown down to a quarter of an hour is hugely impactful.

Additionally, UAVs can be difficult to come by in a raid gone wrong. Securing one for free with each operator deployment eases the worry of permanent death.

Reddit users praised this bundle, with one calling it "the first and last good DMZ bundle" due to the quality of its rewards. Powerful and practical benefits at your fingertips are what truly optimize a DMZ run.

Operator Skins & Tracers Add Style Points

Aesthetics matter too, and Dark Rituals delivers with uniquely designed operator skins and enticing weapon tracers. Ghostly blue particle effects trail bullets for a truly chilling look and feel. Customization options open up further builds beyond the preset blueprint characteristics as well.

Reviewers highlighted how "very good" both the tracers and death finishing moves appear. Being able to customize the frightening feel through additional cosmetic layers provides lasting value versus one-note bundles. Overall presentation sticks in players' minds as a must-have set.

Viability of Other Bundle Bonuses

No bundle matches the well-rounded perk trio of Dark Rituals' short cooldown rifles and self-revive. But how do additional options stack up?


The IZZY bundle touts a useful MCPR-300 marksman rifle and free self revive. However, some felt its camo underdelivered. Meanwhile, ISO Hemlock and Self Revive gained praise, though single weapon limitations raise questions long-term.

Other considerations like the 2-plate chest armour or medium bag from Ghost prove less impactful versus guaranteed survival tools. The ability to bypass typical grinds holds more weight than marginal gear boosts.

Customization through execution styles or effects alone won't directly boost success either according to players. While fun factors matter, tangible benefits reign supreme in the harsh DMZ environment.

When weighing bundle value, Dark Rituals offers triple threat might through its weapon perks and self-revive. No other provides such a potent and versatile trio focused on the harsh realities of DMZ. Its appealing cosmetics stay relevant through ongoing customization too.

For dedicated DMZ players seeking smart Point usage, this bundle delivers the highest return through realistic rewards. With millions already enjoying its benefits, it's easy to see why the community crowned Dark Rituals the top DMZ optimization available. Whether grinding ranks or chasing high scores, its balanced boosts smooth every player's path.

So if optimizing DMZ progress ranks among your priorities, Dark Rituals bundle stands as the obvious choice. Its elite combination of rewards simply can't be beaten for breathing new life into each operator deployment. With so much gameplay ahead, this bundle pays itself off many times over.

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