DMZ Hospital Locations: A Complete Guide

Ben Nyakaz

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DMZ Hospital Locations: A Complete Guide

In Warzone 2's DMZ mode, surviving in the hostile open world of Al Mazrah is no easy feat. Great resources are scarce, enemy operators and AI rebels are lurking around every corner, and radiation zones and zombie outbreaks pose constant threats. When dropping into the map, you'll need every advantage you can get.

One of the most important locations to search for valuable medical supplies and gear is hospitals. These facilities once served the citizens of Al Mazrah, but have long since been abandoned. Hospitals contain treasures like self-revive kits, ifaks, gas masks, radiation pills, and other items in short supply across the map. Securing even a single hospital allows a solo player to greatly increase their odds of survival.

However, with no in-game markers denoting hospital locations, operators new to DMZ may struggle to even find one of these life-saving locations. Memorizing possible spots across the sprawling terrain of Al Mazrah seems daunting. That's where this complete guide comes in.

In this article, we'll break down the locations of every single hospital across the entirety of the Al Mazrah map in Warzone 2's DMZ mode. We'll provide coordinates, screenshots, and details on what to expect at each facility to aid players in efficiently scouting them out. Whether you're playing solo or coordinating with a squad, having a map of hospital spawn points at your fingertips will give you a huge advantage. Hospitals are mostly covered in blue.

In addition to coordinates, we’ll also include getting-there tips and notable landmarks to watch out for nearby. With no hospitals in the Vondel or Ashika Island, the guide will focus solely on locations within the massive terrain of Al Mazrah.

Dive in to learn all of the hospital locations you need to dominate Al Mazrah's survival challenge. May they guide your fights and aid your voyages across the treacherous open world. The Y-axis refers to the numbers on the side, while the X-axis refers to the letters at the top of the map.

C3 Hospital by Rohan Oil

This large building is located beside the Gas Station just east of Rohan Oil. Look for it in the C3 section of the map.

D6 Sa'id City Hospital

Situated on the river border south of Sa'id City in the D6 area. Be cautious as enemies frequently spawn here, consider approaching from the rooftops for safety.

H5 Mawizen Marshlands Hospital

West of Mawizen Marshlands and Al Sharim Pass, next to the Gas Station in H5. Supplies can be replenished kits before trekking into danger zones.

H5 Al Sharim Pass Hospital

Found across the river southeast of Al Sharim Pass, at the far northeast side of buildings after two Gas Stations in H5.

D8 Ship Hospital

A big structure to the right of the Ship in D8. Like Sa'id City, enemies spawn nearby so clear them out before looting this final DMZ hospital.

By using these precise map coordinates and notes on surrounding threats, players can now easily locate each critical hospital to boost medical supplies when surviving DMZ mode's cutthroat open world. Memorize these locations for a constant source of gear to outlive any threat.

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