DMZ Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide

Tomas Johnson

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DMZ Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide

In the exciting world of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ, contracts offer lucrative rewards and thrilling challenges. This guide dives deep into every DMZ contract, providing a roadmap to success.

Contracts Overview

Scattered across the map, these green phone icons represent contracts, each offering unique objectives and rewards. Upon activation, a walkie-talkie prompts you to begin your mission.

Radiation Material Contract

This contract, despite its 3,500 cash reward, offers much more. To unlock its hidden treasure, you'll need a Geiger counter. Follow the intensifying signal to locate radioactive caches containing Nuclear Fuel Cells, worth a staggering 10,000 each!

Hunt Squad Contract

Eliminate the designated squad within five minutes for a 3,500 cash reward and valuable XP. You'll receive their location, but don't feel pressured to engage. If another squad or AI eliminates them, you reap the benefits!

Secure Intel Contract

This two-part contract rewards you with 5,000 cash and valuable Intel about Commanders. Locate and secure a laptop to acquire a hard drive. Next, upload it to a nearby radio tower to reveal the location of either a Juggernaut or an Attack Helicopter, both considered Commanders.

Deliver Cargo Contract

There are two delivery methods: ground (LTV) or water (boat). Either way, you'll receive a free vehicle and a 10,000 cash reward for delivering the cargo to the designated crane. Be wary of the persistent helicopter attack during the ground delivery.

Eliminate High-Value Target Contract

This contract tasks you with eliminating a heavily guarded high-value target for a 5,000 cash reward. Prepare for a tough fight, as the target and their guards are heavily armoured.

Destroy Supply Contract

Destroy two heavily guarded Supply Sites to earn 7,500 cash. Detonate the explosives at each site, and upon completion, the contract reveals nearby safes for additional loot and killstreaks.

Raid Weapon Stash Contract

Claim a 5,000 cash reward and exclusive loot by clearing out the weapon stash. This contract often unlocks a stronghold without requiring a key card! Expect intense enemy waves during the safe cracking process.

Rescue Hostage Contract

This invaluable contract grants you and your team an exclusive exfil helicopter. Locate the hostage in a heavily guarded building, rescue them before the timer expires, and head to the designated exfil point. You can even complete other missions before exfiltrating with the hostage!


DMZ contracts offer diverse challenges and valuable rewards. Choose the ones that suit your playstyle and mission objectives to maximize your success in the perilous world of DMZ.

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